First of all let me say that we spent years with very poor IT support and we paid the price by not having good security, and poor maintenance which resulted in lost time and money for the company, all in the name of saving money on our support costs. After we saw the error in our thinking we interviewed four major well established companies to be our support provider. We chose Virtual October based on best value, and have been with them for over a year and we could not be happier. They fix problems before we even know there are problems. On the rare occasions that we need support they take care of it promptly and professionally. All while backing up our network in the most secure way possible. I would recommend them to family.
We too were new to the idea of constant monitoring of our network. Now we are convinced that this is the main reason we are so satisfied with their service. As I said above they catch most of the problems before we even know we have them. With the web environment today our system is a sitting duck at all times, and they are our front line of defense. We strongly advise that anyone get this service."

Blatt and Myers, Inc (Lebanon, PA)

Virtual October strives to have quick turnaround times in response to clients’ IT issues. In my opinion, the response time Virtual October has provided has been very reasonable based on the severity of the situation. For example, we have received a one day turnaround on hard drive crashes and for smaller issues the response times are within half an hour. We like receiving a quick email response noting that their ticket is the queue and a tech has been assigned to him who is working on the issue. This process gives us the confidence that the issue is being handled."

Gettysburg Tours and GHE (Gettysburg, PA)

I have considered many local resellers of Windows products and services and I made the decision of moving with Virtual October because of their reliability and quick response. I need security, I need a quick turn around and I need stability…Virtual October provides just that. There is a million viruses out there on the internet, and a simple virus can bring your company down sometimes for weeks, but having Virtual October’s protection and security allows my company to be more productive, more available and my users are more relaxed knowing that if anything happens, the downtime will be very minimal if any. Companies also need to have licenses, without proper licenses Microsoft will not provide support. The money we could have lost for not having the correct licenses is astronomical compared to the small amount we spent acquiring the correct licenses. If I would have selected another company, I would still be stuck with an unreliable server. Thank you for helping us at Quinn Flags in Hanover PA to get us up and running in such a short time. Again, thank you for your support and reliability, your services are simply PRICELESS!!”

Quinn Flags (Hanover PA)

Website is a perfect representation of me, my company and our services

I've had websites in the past, but we have not had a lot of success with them. When Alan approached me about getting one setup, I was skeptical. Alan's team took the time to understand my business and what we do, how we do it and put that into a website, custom designed for us. Now we are getting a steady stream of new clients that found us from the website. Vendors and people I know say that the website is a perfect representation of me, my company and our services.

Retired Owner
Shelly Jewelers

Greg Saubel

"Thankfully the Virtual Data Vault was installed. When our main system crashed we couldn't update pricing, we couldn't verify pricing, we couldn't do a lot. As soon as we got the hard drive the next day, a tech was walked through reloading it exactly to the point before we went down, no data loss at all, and a very quick turn-around. I don’t have to worry about backups anymore."

Saubel’s Markets

"The process to restore to the new hard drive was simple, convenient, and very nice to use. We had the new drive loaded in the system and reloaded faster than it would of taken to reload and restore everything the old way."


"Virtual October is prompt, courteous and very professional. We were able to purchase a new server based on their recommendations. They installed it, transferred all our data and miscellaneous software without any employee missing any productivity time. Since hiring Virtual October we have experienced a noticeable decrease in service calls related to our network. They have the knowledge and experience to make recommendations to us that prevent possible system problems before they happen. This keeps our productivity maximized. Keep up the good work!

Basically what I would tell people is since Virtual October has come on board here with Mt Joy Township our service has been excellent. Our former company that we used to use was not very responsive to our problems or our needs. They didn't seem to be very knowledgeable of new products, services and trends that are available out there in the real world. And since Virtual October has been helping us our problems are not as many. When we do have problems they are solved quickly. The Virtual October staff is very friendly to deal with; very willing to help. I have called several times and asked some questions that have enabled me personally to fix some of the computer problems here, which I have never experienced with the former company. It was always "Well, we'll get there when we can and look at it ourselves." I appreciate the opportunity to be able to do a quick fix myself and save the township some money anywhere I can. Virtual October has been very responsive to that. I would say to someone who is on the fence, definitely give Virtual October a chance. I've passed Virtual October's name to some friends and other businesses. I would say the service is very reliable, very courteous and very professional. And I like working with Virtual October.

Thanks for your help today with our file restore from the server. The file that was accidentally overwritten was critical to our borough office utility billing. It's nice to know that your local computer help is a call, click or chat away. The Office Staff says thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Borough Manager
Mount Joy Township, Palmyra Borough, PA

"Wow! Today I used Live Help! The response to my computer problem was immediate. I didn't have to wait around for someone to call me back. I didn't have to wonder if my email was disappearing into an inbox. The response was instant and the service was great. I could not have asked for it to be done any quicker!! Keep up the good work."

Township Secretary
Mt Joy Twp, PA

"Today I used your new support service, Live Help! I found it easy to use. The response and service was quick and efficient. The best thing to me is being able to contact you through the computer. It sure beats trying to call and waiting for service. It really is a time saver! I appreciated how quickly you resolved the problem. Thanks a lot!"

Legal Assistant
Korey Leslie Attorney At Law, York PA

"I am very impressed with the response to our last email issue with our cell phones. Using email on our cell phones is extremely important for our Service Department to be available and respond 24 hours a day. We use this to communicate with our clients and service tech’s around the world and our main office. The Lead Service Tech and I were traveling and our cell phones weren't getting email messages. Not only was the issue resolved by the time we landed, but I received an email and voicemail follow-up to make sure it was working. My God, there is someone out there that believes in personal customer service! A very big thank you to Bob at Virtual October for his outstanding response."

Service Manager
Hydroworx International, Inc., Middletown PA

"The staff at Virtual October is very informative and knowledgeable. They have really good incite in how to improve computer efficiencies. At the same time they are also down to earth. They are good at explaining tech stuff for anyone to understand. They have extensive knowledge and ability to make suggestions to improve our systems."

York PA

Gloria Ernst

"Thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness to those of us who are not completely computer literate!"

St Joseph’s Parish Hanover
Hanover PA

"Virtual October provides instant service. When our server went down, you were available right away to help us through the rough part."

Carlisle PA

"You guys actually return calls in a timely manner. That is very professional. Our printer had a special order part that you were able to locate and give us some options. We went with a refurbished part that saved us a considerable amount. Even still it was delivered the next day and installed the day after that."

Easter Seals, York PA

"Thank you for the power adapters, they were exactly what I was looking for to solve my cable modem installation problem. The local cable company was very limited in how they are allowed to run the cable line from the outside connection to my computer. They would not run any internal wiring and I was not going to have them run these lines exposed on the outside of my townhouse. The cost of hiring someone to run the wires through the wall from the basement to the third floor was also prohibitive.

After reviewing your literature, and seeing that your device requires no wiring to be run and installation was as simple as plugging your device into an available outlet, I was sold. I purchased two adapters and provided them to the installer. He was skeptical at first buyt when he saw how easy the installation was, and that they truly worked as advertised, he became a believer.
I cannot thank you enout for your help and will recommend the Netgear Powerline Ethernet adapters to my friends as a cost effective means to solving an ugly problem."

York PA

Sgt William Leighty

"I have been very satisfied with your services. One thing that impressed me was your down to earth attitude. I have worked with other people in the computer business and I have always felt that they were rather rude and I always felt they were taking advantage of me due to the fact that I wasn't as computer savvy as they were. The problem that you fixed for us was looked at by one of your competitors and after numerous unanswered telephone calls and finally a visit, the problem was still not resolved. I was informed that it was a software problem and that I would have to live with the situation.

If I were to answer your question, I would say that you are very knowledgeable in your field, offer prompt service ( you return phone calls and emails) and reasonable cost effective alternatives. This is extremely important to any agency, as we are all under budget constraints.
P.S Keep up the good work and I'm glad that I found you.....Chief Leighty"

Northern Lancaster County Regional Police

"Wow, not only was your first call prompt but you actually showed up with no sales pitch. You showed up ready to work and almost right away found and closed a huge security hole in our wireless network that your competition missed completely or never thought it was a problem. This alone has saved us thousands of dollars and hours of headaches. I can't wait to get started on our next project."

Barrick & Associates, Hanover PA

Misiker Kebede

"Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!! You saved the day once again.

It is so great that you are able to get us up and running quickly and you can do it all remotely. That is a big help to us. Not only that you tackle our tech needs but you maintain the server with all the patches and updates so that problems are dramatically minimized. Keep up the good work!"

Ethiopian Outreach Ministry and Spreading Grace Ministry - York PA

"Before we started using Virtual October Inc. our computer consultants would spend days attempting to fix problems. They never quite got it right. It always seems like they leave with more problems than when they started. They even told us that our software would never run on Windows. Alan and his tech's found right away that the network wiring was done wrong and corrected the problem. That fixed 99% of our mystery ongoing issues. They even have our software running on Windows! Now when Virtual October leaves we know our systems are running perfectly.
Their knowledgeable techs are prompt and friendly. Keep up the good work."

Susquehanna Regional Police Department, Lancaster PA

"We do feel comfortable having you service our computer and internet needs. We feel you are very knowledgeable and even more importantly to us...dependable and trustworthy. We know if we need you, you will be there. You also speak in a context we can all understand. You recognize the fact we are not all computer literate and make us feel comfortable in the fact you are taking care of our needs! I think everyone here in the office feels confident in discussing a problem with you, and feel confident you will take care of it!"

Sindall Transport, Inc.

"I am the manager of a Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 network with 60 computers. I have known and worked with Alan Feldman as our outside consultant for over five years.
In my dealings with Alan, he has always and consistently demonstrated the highest degree of professional competence, knowledge, and expertise on any IT matters. He has always been very responsive in a most timely manner when we had a problem and called on him for assistance or service. I sleep better at night knowing Alan is only a phone call away.
All this and he is a nice guy too! You can't go wrong hiring Alan or his company to design, build, consult, or manage any of your IT infrastructure needs both hardware and/or software including both sales and/or service...

Living Word Community Church

"We have been with Virtual October for about a year now. We recently experienced a server failure on a machine that was not originally supplied by Virtual October. They came in and stabilized our operating environment. They recovered our old server from the crash using Virtual October machinery and resources. They then installed a new server and operating system. They audited our entire file system and put our standards into place. The entire event we suffered less than a 4 hour downtime after Virtual October's arrival. They were responsive to our needs, knowledgeable about our products; Even those that were not Virtual October products. They provided an on time and on budget delivery for recovery from this event and they have our unqualified recommendation for use as a contractor. Thank you very much."

USA Spares, Inc.

Casey Kraus

"I am glad to report that since following the Lancaster County Data Processing Department's recommendation to contact Virtual October to take over our IT consulting work, I have been very pleased. I had become very dissatisfied with the local firm that was our IT consultant.
Virtual October advised our Police Department on the proper hardware and software to get our department on a new server and also get us networked to the County System. This move was done seamlessly. All of our data and software programs were migrated from the old server to the new server without missing a beat. Great Job!"

Northwest Lancaster County Regional Police Department and Mount Joy Township - Elizabethtown, PA

"Virtual October is prompt, knowledgeable and has good communication and follow-up. They pay attention to my concerns. After the first visit they were able to develop an in-depth view of how we work, and what we needed. Our ever persistent network issues were resolved quickly and haven't come back. We now have far fewer network or computer problems than we were accustomed to dealing with. Now we have much more confidence in our system. If there was anything that I would tell them to improve upon I would have to think long and hard because nothing comes to mind immediately. Overall our entire experience with them has been positive, both in our main office and at our construction sites

It is very reassuring to know that prompt, knowledgeable assistance is a telephone call away. While we all are capable of completing our daily tasks using the technology available to us, the technology is every-changing, and there are always circumstances that occur that we just do not know how to handle.

I have been completely satisfied with the service and response we have received from Virtual October. I have come to rely on Virtual October for maintaining our network hardware and software, and have found that following their recommendations has resulted in a much more reliable system.

Our level of confidence in our systems is greater, knowing that we have access to Virtual October for support and service."

Contracts Manager
Hempt Bros., Inc. - Camp Hill, PA

"Virtual October has helped us with Internet problems over the phone and onsite. They are very knowledgeable and up to date with virus issues and spyware problems. Not only did they clean up our computer, but they recommended software downloads that cost nothing and work very well.

I would recommend Virtual October to anyone who is as frustrated as I was with pop-ups, spyware and viruses."


"Fantastic Service"

Office Manager
Middletown PA

"I highly recommend Virtual October for any computer related problems. They are quick to respond and very knowledgeable in their field."

York PA

"I found Virtual October very competent, efficient and pleasant to work with on any computer problems."

York PA

"I'm really impressed at how fast things happened! We placed our order with you one day and you were installing equipment and software about two days later. You made our priorities your priorites and you quickly completed the job. Your staff is very knowledgable and explained everything in easy to understand language. Our system runs better than ever now. We rest easy knowing that the great people at Virtual October Inc. are on our side to get the job done right."

Finance Planner
York, PA

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help today. Great Job."

Lancaster, PA

"Virtual October immediately responds to any questions or concerns that come up. When installing new software or making hardware changes, they stay until all systems are checked. Just in case there are any glitches due to changes made. I find your level of communication and work ethic quite exceptional and am very pleased with your services."

Lancaster PA

"Your remote assistance was very helpful and fast. It really did enable us to get to the bottom of things much more quickly. I thought you would be on here for hours, but quickly resolved the issue. You were very patient and explained everything in plain English."

Lancaster PA

Thank you for all that you are doing

Thank you for all that you are doing

Thank you for the t-shirt, what a nice surprise to get in the mail!

Also thank you for all that you are doing for us, it takes a lot of stress off my back to know things won't fall through the cracks on the technical side!

Office Manager

"Thank you for the help. It’s nice to have a person to talk to if something comes up. It’s great to have someone local."

IT Manager
Red Lion, PA

Trusted Addition To Our Law Firm

Trusted Addition To Our Law Firm

Alan Feldman has become a trusted "addition" to our law firm. He is responsive, thorough, and honest and gives great advice concerning technology issues and systems.

Coyne & Coyne

"Thank you, Virtual October for solving a problem that I was having with my PC. When recently I had difficulty on start up I decided to call Virtual October for help. Virtual October’s knowledgeable staff quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem and presented me with a solution that had my PC up and running the next day. Installing a new master hard drive took me less than three hours as the CD instructions were precise and easily understood."


Your loving father